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Record and upload videos

Use the SimplyMotion mobile app to easily record your own videos and save them directly to the cloud. Of course, you can also use your professional camera and upload these recordings. With our web platform you have the flexibility to record screen recordings and enhance your exciting interviews from Zoom or Microsoft teams.

Edit videos

Select existing brandkits

We create your very own brandkits according to your needs and wishes. We include your branding and give your videos their very own touch. In the later creation process you only have to choose the right clips without worrying about the design and formatting.

Create Motions

Select clips, arrange them, done!

We turn your clips into finished motions, videos that are ready to share and publish. Just select your clips and quickly move them to the right place. Done! No matter if transitions, intro, outro or background music. The platform takes care of the rest!

If you want to change a motion or personalize it for a specific appeal, you can duplicate or edit motions at any time without having to start from scratch.

Two steps to the finished motion:
Select clips and drag and drop to right place
Share Motions

Publish and share motion

Are you happy with your Motion? Download it as an MP4 file or embed the video on your website. Share it directly to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram with just a few clicks. We’ll convert your motion to the right format for your platform, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


One place for all videos!

Finally, all your videos are in one place and you can always find them and more importantly, reuse them. Host and organize all your videos on a single platform and access them from anywhere. With free text search and categories, you’ll always find your jewels.

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