We make your communication come alive through brand-proofed and scalable video content, easily created by you, quickly shared with everyone.

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"Whether it's custom videos for clients, sophisticated training videos or short impulse films for social media, Simplymotion makes us faster, more flexible and better."
Sabine Hübner
Sabine Hübner
"With Simplymotion, we can add logos, text and music to our videos within minutes. It saves us time, simplifies the video production process and improves the quality of our videos."
Melissa Ballard von Forwardservice
Melissa Ballard
"By the way, Simplymotion is also used to create our interviews at memaco. I use the platform myself. There's no easier way to create corporate videos!"
Dominic Spohr
Dominic Spohr
Member of memaco
Video Communication

But Why?


59% of executives would rather watch a video than read a text


Product videos generate up to 144% more sales.


Videos are shared 1200% more than text & images combined!

Find your fit

Use Cases

Video is a perfect solution for many occasions. No matter if you are a freelancer, employee or enterprise.


You want to create audience tailored product demos in no time and satisfy support needs with quick video sequences, so you can focus on Sales?


You want to create fun content around the customer lifecycle that you can publish on various channels at once to create loyalty and prevent churn with your CMS of choice?


You want to create more personal internal and external communication, establish sustainable internal knowledge transfer and make onboarding processes more efficient?

Coaching & Training

You want to create more personal touchpoints with your clients and teach content sustainably while representing your brand?

Customer Support

You want to secure customer satisfaction while solving their problem and saving time on answering the same questions over and over again?

Follow The Steps

Professional videos - in no time

Record clips

Grab your phone, find a quiet place and record short clips. Your message counts, and smartphones can record videos in 4k. That's all you need.

Apply template

You want videos with recognition value? We'll take care of that and do the work for you. Select your clips and quickly move them to the right place. Done! Whether transitions, intro and outro, background music or logo. We do the rest!


Your motion is ready. Now you're ready for the platform of your choice. Whether it's for your website, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, or your own e-learning platform. We've got your motion ready for you in the right format.

Request Brand Kit

We make you shine!

Quickly upload your CI style guide and we generate a customized brand kit for you once and for all.
After just a few minutes you are ready to create videos in your own look & feel. With your brand kit, you will never have to worry about design again and can focus on what matters most: your content.


And Action!

Use the SIMPLYMOTION mobile app to easily record your own videos and save them directly to the cloud. Or choose our web platform to grab screen recordings and Zoom or Microsoft teams interviews to make them excitingly professional.
Apply Template

We've got you covered!

You don’t want to lose time thinking about which format to choose to prepare the next pitch, explain the latest software features or onboard new colleagues in your company? Don’t worry, just chose from our wide selection of video templates.

How To

How-to videos are perfect for people who find learning easier visually


Perfect for employee onboarding, compliance training or software education

Pitch Demo

Pitch your product or new features and show the benefits


Interviews are the best way to get knowledge from one person to many

Share Motion

Spread the message

Are you happy with your Motion? Download it as an MP4 file or embed the video on your website. Share it directly to LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram with just a few clicks. We’ll convert your motion to the right format for your platform, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.


Videos are always a great choice

Face to Face



Culture Capture



Community Poll

How To


Product Video




Leadership Statement

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