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You want to create stunning videos for your business, but the process is complicated and time-consuming? Hours of trial and error with complex tools and still no satisfactory result. What camera should you use? Where to put the videos when they’re done? And if that’s not enough, you have to constantly add your branding manually, and cut music to match the video. It’s a tedious process that keeps you from really expressing your creativity. There has to be a better solution for that!

Capture the moment, without effort.

Record videos

Use the SimplyMotion mobile app to easily record your own videos and save them directly to the cloud. You can also record videos and screen recordings with our web platform.

Of course, you can also use your professional camera and upload these recordings.

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Video editing made easy

Edit and optimize videos

Put the finishing touches on your videos. With SimplyMotion, you can easily edit, add text, and insert your branding to create stunning videos. We’ll take care of the audio quality and music!

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SimplyMotion makes sharing your videos a breeze. Post them directly to social media, YouTube, or your website and easily reach your audience.

10x faster

No time-consuming switching back and forth between different tools.

80% less effort

Our automatic functions and ready-to-use fire kits reduce the effort by up to 80%.

Professional results

With the automatic optimization and the brandkits, impressive results are created!

Diverse use cases

Whether marketing, recruitment, sales or internal communication - SimplyMotion makes it possible!


How our customers use SimplyMotion

Onboarding Videos

Digital onboarding videos are a perfect solution for onboarding new employees while saving time by eliminating the need to repeat general information in meetings. These videos can include an introduction to the company, the employee’s responsibilities at the company, introductions to key people and mentors, and more.

Training Videos

Training videos are a great way to help employees understand, remember and perform their tasks. Whether they need to learn how to use new equipment or software tools, they need to become familiar with company policies and procedures, or they need ongoing training, creating training videos should be easy and actionable for everyone in the organization.

Announcement Videos

Announcement videos are the new email. They grab people’s attention much better and can be sent to everyone, no matter what platform they use. If you want to make an internal announcement, you should create an announcement video.

How To Videos

People love videos. They are more receptive to content they can absorb while watching a video than they are when reading a text. How-to videos can be used to explain how to do something in detail, or to give a quick overview of how something works. Step-by-step tutorials can be both entertaining and informative. Whether you explain it in a video or with a screen capture.

Sales Videos

Sales videos are a great way to increase conversion rates. Your salespeople can create videos that express their own voice and personality, which makes it easier for customers to connect with them.

Brand & Culture Videos

A company culture video is a non-intimidating way to show people what your company stands for, give insight into its values, and let them know the kind of work they can expect when they start working for you. This can help attract top talent in a crowded market and remove some of the mystery that surrounds a job interview.



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